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NIFTY intraday charts and levels

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Spring and Plants

This week we learned about spring and plants.  This has to be one of my favorite units.  We began our unit by reading Peter Rabbit.  We also received a letter in the mail from Mr. McGregor himself.  He needed serious help with learning about plants and how to take care of a garden.  After learning everything we could about plants, we wrote him back and gave him some advice.  See below!

 Due to limited time, I wrote the letter and the kids gave me all the answers.  They came up with the words to the letter.  Then, we circled first grade sounds and sight words.  

 This is the garden we "grew".  The kids painted the vegetables.  I got this adoreable idea from Kim Jordano on  She is awesome.

 We made rain people on rain drops.  We learned that in spring, it rains a LOT!
 Here are our Peter Rabbits.  We wrote about what we would do if we were Peter Rabbit.  I got some of the cutest answers.  Mostly, we would have minded our mommy and not went in the garden.

 We made these flowers in art center.  (This is mine, I forgot to snap a pic)
 Our rain people from
 This is our potato graph.  Most of us like fries the best.
 Check this out!  Kiss your brain.  These kiddos are so SMART!  They came up with ALL of this by their selves.
symmetrical pattern block kites

These are our morning, literacy, and math centers for the week.  

We played on and picked veggies.

So cute!  I found these cute little carrots at Dollar Tree!!  They have colored letter tiles in them.  I have found that color coding things for centers helps the kids know which one they have done or not done.  Also, it's a quick check for me to look for all the colors until I can look at it closer later.  If they have 2 yellows, they have to go back.  If they have 8 different colors I know they have see them all.

Maratha Style foodie ....Kanda Laun Masala

 My all time favourite food,  this is very hot or what we call in marathi झणझणीत. The bhakri and the curry goes really really well with chilled pepsi.

Bakri, Mutton gravy, Khema balls, Chops sticks, Briyani, Pudina chi chutney is the Thali.

Whole of the food mainly is based on the Garam masala or kanda Lasun Masala  (कांदा लसून टिकत).This kanda lasun masala is used in every day food right from making of sabzi to mutton and chicken.

Kanda Lasun Masala (कंदा लसून टिकत ) :  (Measure for 2kg of red chillie powder)

 Garam Masala :
1/4  kg      Corrainder  Seeds  (धने)              ( ಕೊತೊಂಬರಿ )
100 gms    Cumin Seeds         ( जीर)             (ಜೀರಿಗೆ)
100 gms    Til                        ( तील)              (ಯೆಳು)
  10 gms    Cloves                  (लवंग )           (ಲವಂಗ್)
  10 gms    Cinnamon             (दालचीनी )      (ದಲ್ಚಿನಿ ಚಕೆ) 
  10 gms    Cardmom             (वेलची )          (ಎಲ್ಲಕಿ )
    5  gms   Turmeric               (हल्दी )            (ಆರಶಿನ್)
    1           Nutmeg                 (जाईफल )       (ಜೈಕಾಯೇ)
    1  tsp    Star Anise              (बादामफूल )    (ಹೂವು)
    1  tsp    Mace                      (राम्पत्री )        (ಜಾತಿ ಫಲ)
    1  tsp    Fenugreek              (मेथी )             (ಮೆಂತೆ)
    1  tsp    Black Cummin        (सैजीरा )         (ಸಾಯಿಜೀಗೆ)
     6-7     Black Cardmom     (मसालावेलची) 

Fry all the ingredients (Expect the corriander amd jeera) with sufficient oil in flat bottom pan.Corriander and jeera should be dry roasted. And grind them into a smooth powder.This is garam masala this  stays for a long time for around a year.
         To make Kanda Lasun masala :
         Onion                     -- 1 kg                (कांदा) (ಉಳಗದೆ)
         Garlic                     --  1/4 kg            (लसून) ( ಬಳುಉಲ್ಲಿ)
         Ginger                    --  1/4 Kg          (आला ) (ಶುಂಟಿ )
         Salt                         --   1/2 kg
         Corriander leaves    -- 2 big bunch.  (कोतोम्बर ) (ಕೊತೊಂಬರೀ)
         Coconut (dried)      -- 1/4 kg           (खोबर)     

The above Garam masala, to make it Kanda lasun masala, add 2 kg of red chillie powder,than add  fired  onions (Fry till golden brown in lot of oil and make a paste of it .If  lightly fried masala may go bad in few     days ) Than add ginger garlic and corriander paste. Mix well with hand (donot use food processor).
Than  dried coconut (nicely roast and ground it ) add salt and mix well.

This  kanda lasun masala can be kept for months togather and can be used in any Sabji, for making mutton in chicken, for chops.



   Recipes for chops,Mutton gravy and other's in nxt blog. 
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Onion Vathal Kuzhambu

Vathal kuzhambu is a very famous south Indian dish. Tamarind is the main ingredient which dominates the taste. Instead of onion we also can use papad, fried okra. It can be refrigerated in airtight container for 1 week. Goes well with rice, idly, dosa, and  toasted bread.


Tamarind - small lemon size(soak it in 1cup water and make thick puree)
Sambar powder - 2tbsp
Turmeric - 1tsp
Salt to taste
Small onion - 10 no

For tempering:

Oil - 2tbsp (preferably sesame oil)
Mustard - 1tsp
Manathakali vathal or Sunadakai vathal - 1tsp
Fenugreek - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - 1tbsp
Asafoetida - 1tsp


Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan.
Temper the ingredients and add onions.
(If you are adding pappad instead of onions, cut into pieces and add them at this point and fry for few seconds)
Fry till the onion turn light brown.
Add the tamarind puree following sambar powder, turmeric and salt.
Add water 2 cups and boil till the raw smell goes (30min).
Now the vathal kuzhambu is ready, remove from the heat and serve with hot rice.

Exculsive stills from Varikkassery Mana

Dear Friends,

I welcome all to watch exclusive pictures from Varikkassery Mana aka Shooting Mana. As per the order of Ezham Thampuran (Son of renowned Aaram Thampuran of Poomully Mana), we got VIP treatment when we visited Varikkassery Mana.

Hari chettan (owner of Aramana Hotel at Palakkad) owns Varikkassery Mana. He is a renowned business man. With his permission staff at Mana showed us Mana fully....and had a good time at Devasuram location. 

We interacted with Actor Mammooty and Bala. And took some photographs with heriones of Drona, directed by Shaji Kailas.

Aramana Hotel is located at Northern shore of Bharatha Puzha facing the Railway Station, Ottapalam, Palakkad. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

14 Best Alternatives to Google Reader

With the news that Google is killing off Google Reader as of July 1, 2013, users everywhere are on the lookout for potential replacements.
Replacing Google Reader isn't easy; the service isn't just an RSS reader — it's also the de facto cloud-based RSS syncing service. Many Google Reader users don't even use the web app as their primary feed reader, instead using the service to offer subscription, read, unread and folder information to other RSS clients such as Reeder, NetNewsWire and FeedDemon.
And while services and apps such as Pulse and Flipboard are a great way to visualize news and information, those services are not conducive to the needs of the power Google Reader user.

Here are some options you might want to consider if you’re a Google Reader user:
1.) Newsblur
This is a top choice from one of our corresponding editors, Gary Price. It’s accessible via the web and also appears to have iOS and Android versions. There’s even a Google Reader import tool that will no doubt prove popular.
Newsblur has a basic version that’s free, but limits how many feeds you can follow and news stories show up in the reader. The premium version is only $1 per month and has no such limits.
The site may be down or slow when you visit. As founder Sam Clay said on Twitter not long ago, “this is definitely a third cup of tea kind of day.”
See Gary’s full review on our sister site, Search Engine Land: Need A Google Reader Alternative? Meet Newsblur.
2.) Feedly
Feedly moved quickly in the wake of Google’s announcement; unfortunately the thing it did fastest was collapse under the sudden influx of users looking for somewhere new to keep their RSS feeds. Still, it’s recovered now, and offers perhaps the most straightforward transition from Google Reader of any service. Add its browser app to Chrome, Firefox or Safari (Internet Explorer users are left strangely in the lurch), allow it to access your Google account and it pulls in all of your feeds, including their read status as well as any folders you’ve sorted them into. Feedly’s interface is slick and minimalist, and its Titles view most closely approximates the Google Reader interface you know and love.

3. Flipboard

Flipboard is no substitute for the pared-back, data-heavy mass of headlines and standfirsts we love Google Reader for, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It will still gather up your Google Reader feeds, but presents them as a glossy, animated faux-magazine, better designed for leisurely flipping than speed-reading. Free, but only available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and the Nook.

4) thru 7.) Magazine-style readers
There are several magazine-style services that function as a sort of RSS reader. The list includes Flipboard, Pulse, Google Currents (if it doesn’t get shut down, too!), Zite, Taptu and others. Generally speaking, these let you subscribe to either topics, specific sites, or both. Some only function on mobile devices.
8.) FeedReader
This is a free service that offers both a desktop Windows client and an online version.
9.) FeedDemon
FeedDemon claims to be the “most popular RSS reader for Windows.” The tool offers synchronization with Google Reader, which could be nice in the short term, but may not be a long-term solution unless it actually imports feeds while synchronizing.
There appears to be a cost for FeedDemon, though the website makes no mention what it is.
Update: As Thomas Ally points out in the comments below, FeedDemon’s creator has announced that Google Reader’s shutdown means his product will also shutdown. Cross this one off the list.
10.) NetNewsWire
This is a long-running RSS reader for Mac users. Never used it myself, but it gets mentioned fairly frequently on the Mac sites and magazines that I read.
11.) Bloglines
Seriously. Bloglines. The once-popular RSS reader still has a product called “Reader” that lets you track news from your favorite sites. Bloglines was thought to be dead a couple years ago, but now we have the irony of listing it as an option to the soon-to-be-dead Google Reader.
12.) NewsIsFree
This is a primarily web-based news aggregator that doesn’t even require an account to use — you can go and read current news right now if you want.
NewsIsFree also offers an RSS service with almost 36,000 sources at the moment that you can subscribe to. But it looks like the premium services are required if you want to be able to add your own RSS feeds to NewsIsFree.


More than a little daunting to the newcomer, Netvibes bills itself as a kind of dashboard for the entire web, but there’s a capable RSS reader under there. The two-pane RSS reader – with folders on the left and content on the right – will be comforting to Google’s outcasts. Although it doesn’t offer as straightforward an import process as other services, once you’ve exported your Google Reader feeds with Google Takeout, importing them is the work of but a few clicks.


No doubt there are other Google Reader alternatives out there that we’re not aware of. Feel free to let us know if you have a favorite in the comments below.

Google Reader is Closing on July 1st 2013

Lots of Google news this week, but it’s not all sunshine and kittens as the search giant announced yesterday via the Official Google Reader Blog that they will be shuttering their Google Reader service effective July 1. As part of their second spring of cleaning, Google cited declining usage as one of the main driving factors for the decision.
Many, like yours truly, use Google Reader as their primary way to stay organized and on top of the latest news, and while the shutdown date is still three months away, there’s no time like the present to begin looking for alternatives. Tomorrow we will post a blurb on a few potential Reader alternatives.
Developers of the popular Reeder app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac (which utilizes Google Reader as one of its main pipes) have spoken about the matter on Twitter.
“Don’t worry, Reeder won’t die with Google Reader.”
— @reederapp
Other developers have echoed this sentiment, while hopeful users have taken to petitioning Google to reconsider. The petition is unlikely to have any effect, as the Mountain View company has almost definitely sifted through the large amount of usage data to determine whether it’s worth spending resources on a product that, apparently, not many people used.
It’s a sad loss for those of us who cherish RSS as their go to method for news aggregation, but not a defeat for the method as a whole. Here’s to new beginnings.